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a team specialising in periodontic treatment will apply the latest, highly accurate tests to give early diagnosis and the best chance of effective treatment. In some cases it is even possible to stimulate bone regrowth.
loose teeth with appropriate indication and proper treatment can be strengthened again?
a little bleeding from the gums is often the only warning you get of impending tooth loss?
proper tooth brushing in reality has about the same level of difficulty as learning a script?
myocarditis may result from the teeth?

Periodontal treatmentThe most common cause of tooth loss in old age is the inflammatory periodontal disease, also called Periodontosis. It is a bacteria caused inflammatory change of the gums and jaw bone, which over many years leads to a decrease in bone and gums and eventually to tooth loss. Hereditary factors and smoking can accelerate the progression of the disease.

A regular monitoring is essential, because periodontal disease usually occurs for many years unnoticed. Even if it was successfully treated, it can always come back after years.

An advanced periodontal disease can lead to dangerous and chronic diseases in completely different parts of the body, such as heart muscle, heart valve or joints.

The most important approach of periodontal therapy is a good oral hygiene, supported by dental prophylaxis and the removal of bacterial deposits on teeth by appropriate tissue-saving methods. However, in many cases this is not sufficient.

While in the past for many of periodontitis patients the only option was a repeated very meticulous teeth brushing several times a day, today, we are fortunately a step further: Modern diagnostic methods allow a targeted drug support of this classical approach. With this approach also persistent bacteria in the surrounding tissues are caught. Even genetically predisposed patients can halt the disease progression with an acceptable daily effort in oral hygiene.

Due to the chronic course of the disease, the full extent is often visible only with increasing age. But it is not a disease that belongs to the "aging". We help you to defeat the periodontal disease in the long run, and thus do something very important for your overall health.

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