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Did you know that...

ear pain can be superficial Problems with your "bite" could be the reason behind it?
More information on holistic dentistry
chronic back pain can result from bad dental occlusion (the way your teeth close)? ... analysis can detect this, and dental procedures can eliminate back pain?
More information on function analysis
bacteria that do not constitute the normal oral flora are a burden to the entire organism?
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advanced, metal-free ceramic crowns are now truly invisible and cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth?
More information on aesthetic corrections
inserting dental implants (artificial tooth roots) into the bone is now an almost entirely painless procedure, even on the day immediately after the operation?
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a little bleeding from the gums is often the only warning you get of impending tooth loss?
More information on periodontic treatment
the Conical Crown System, developed in Germany and available in hardly any other countries, actually stabilises the other teeth?
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that you can treat caries without drilling?
More information on caries infiltration
you can infect your child with tooth decay by licking the spoons? (Daddy also!)
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your mucous membranes are more permeable during pregnancy and therefore it may bleed while brushing your teeth?
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a dental splint helps with snoring?
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it might be helpful for scuba divers with temporomandibular joint disorders to use an individually designed mouthpiece for the regulator?
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